5 FREE Ways Locals Can Support Your Business

Customers don’t always have deep pockets but these FREE ways can still help your business grow and keep your customers involved. Now, more than ever, social media is playing an important role for many of us in growing our business. There are several ways your customers can support you on social media that should only take a few minutes of their time:

1. Like your posts:
The gods of Facebook and Instagram will start showing your posts to more people as you get more likes, therefore extending your reach.

2. Shout-outs:
They tag you in a post or tag your location when talking about something they tried or did there.

3. Comment on your posts:
Great discussions can lead to lasting loyalty in the future.

4. Share your posts:
Gives you an understanding of what your customers care about.

5. Do a Google review:
This helps others learn about your business and cultivate interest in using your services or products.

How do you get your customers to do these without asking them? Making sure your content is worth sharing, not just about the product but insider tips, how tos, about your staff, etc. Also, make sure you are engaging with them, when they comment on your post, comment back, if they share something make sure to acknowledge it. It is all about community both in our physical town and online. If you show you care they will do the same back.

This will not happen overnight but with steady and consistent effort you will start to see progress.

We are Mellco Marketing and are passionate about helping companies tell their story in a creative way through social media and other marketing efforts. Through our proven results we know you will see continued growth in your business.

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