Augmented August Wrap Up

We have been busy with Augmented August
If you keep up with our social media @MellcoCreative, you might have noticed we covered a LOT of Augmented Reality content which we dubbed Augmented August! This allowed us to share past projects and current fun ideas with our followers and really dive deeper into what AR has to offer.

Click the numbers to watch the videos!

#1 – Beacon Drive-In, an American tradition, and Southern landmark since 1946. They were looking to complete a Timeline Wall in their store. A project like this can often be hard for clients to visualize, so we were able to take our design into Augmented Reality. This allowed us to show them a rough draft mockup in their restaurant! After that they were completely onboard knowing exactly how the design would look in their environment.

#2 – Bring concepts to life with AR. 
Now days anyone can do it with a phone and an open space, anytime, anywhere with vivid details and full character and personality! Check out how we showed Krispy Kreme a presentation in AR!

#3 – The AR Arcade, Spartanburg Pixel
Mellco Creative is based in Spartanburg SC and we would love to see it hit top 10 places to visit! So we thought as it’s growing downtown, what else could it use? We put our money on an arcade bar called Spartanburg Pixel, what do you guys think?

#4 – How we made it – Spartanburg Pixel
Check out how our AR wizard 🧙🏻 made the AR Arcade design! We would love to collaborate on more projects. If you have any ideas for future ideas leave your ideas in the comments.

Head over to our Social Media to see more of our tips and tricks with AR and some creative inspiration with AR Ads we found totally awesome! We have enjoyed sharing this side of our passion with you all this month and hope you enjoyed it too.

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We have been busy with Augmented AugustIf you keep up with our social media @MellcoCreative, you might have noticed we covered a LOT …