Big Ideas according to a Megalodon

In honor of National Megalodon Day, we wanted to ask “What is that one big idea you keep circling but never seem to get around to?” 

All of us have had an idea we just can’t get rid of. It may seem too massive to attack, or maybe we find other excuses. But what if we could find some bite-sized ways to make your big idea a reality!  

It is normal for a mega-sized idea to come with legitimate fears and concerns. An easy way to start is to clearly define success and find manageable action steps. You will need to be flexible to change what isn’t working. If you are highly invested in your idea, trust your gut on decisions you make. That doesn’t mean things will always work out perfectly, but that’s ok! You just have to keep moving forward.  

You never know how wildly successful your big idea may turn out to be until you take the plunge! In the words of Mr. Brody, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” 

Got a big idea you can’t ignore any longer?
Let us know if we can be any help @MellcoCreative 

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