Creativity and your marketing

Thinking a different way
“Taking what’s in front of you and everybody else and making something new out of it.” This quote by Austin Kleon defines creativity perfectly. All of us get hit with ads and other marketing efforts everyday in all areas of life, it is exhausting, overwhelming and at times comes to a point where you don’t even notice what they are saying because your mind has already seen something like that before and shuts it out. It is important for companies to inform consumers about products and services but how can you stand out and not be annoying?

1. Try that quote out we had at the beginning. Can you create a unique loyalty program for your customers or clients? Maybe you don’t advertise it, but send them something when they reach a milestone you specified or maybe it is just a thank you? Your current clients and customers are your best marketing tool and if you can keep them happy and show your appreciation they will remember that and share it with others.

2. Stickers are another underutilized marketing tool. They are incredibly inexpensive and are easy to distribute. Can you drop them off to local stores, donate them to grab bags for events or just put them in random places for people to grab?

3. The purchase process is another area to add creativity. Can a bell be rung for each purchase, do you commemorate a day in their honor for the purchase. send a goodie or singing telegram thanking them? Some of these are ridiculous but the point is it can get those creative juices flowing and you will find something that works for your business and is you.

These ideas have one thing in common and that is being unexpected. Creativity is about the unexpected. Those moments are memorable for consumers and while it may not prompt them to purchase immediately it has a long lasting effect they will remember when they are in need of your service or product and they will also pass along that experience to someone else as well.

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