Getting Your Business On Google

You have everything ready to launch your new business. You have everything ready to launch your new business. Website, or at least a Facebook or Instagram Page, all the other mundane but necessary official steps. Probably the next important is getting your business on Google.

Where to start
If you have already created your Google business account, great! We hope we can still give you a few other tips along the way. If you haven’t created your account, here’s how:
1. Go here
2. Make sure you are logged on with a Gmail account (whether it is a business email you setup or personal)
3. Type in your business name in the field provided
4. If it cannot be found, click the link “Add your business to Google”
5. Follow the prompts to get your business setup
6. They may ask you if you have a hybrid business, you can say yes if you do not have a physical place customers would visit. This is great for those who service several areas, and work in more of a consultancy business model.
7. For the hybrid business, it will ask for your address but it will not list it on your Google listing, it is only for verification purposes.

Next steps
Once you have followed these steps, Google will need to verify by calling the number you provided and possibly sending a postcard to the address you listed.

We recommend from there to go into your Google Business profile and upload pictures of your location, make a post announcing your business or offer, update all your business contact information. This Google business listing will typically be the first interaction most customers will have whether you want them to or not. You can’t control that choice but you can control the experience they have by having updated and correct information.

Last point
Set a goal to at least check your listing once a week if not more so you can keep things up today and make sure everything is running smoothly. You will get emails from Google reminding about reviews you received or any updates but staying proactive will save you time in the end. ⏰

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