How A Business Should Post

Pretend you are a mechanic

Yes, none of you are probably a mechanic but this will be our example today. People don’t necessarily care about what things you do or sell but they do care why a (mechanic) is excited or sharing it. So let’s get started.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. How do you talk to your friends about your business?
“Check out this product!” “I’ve got another sale!” You may not have many friends if these are the majority of conversations. 😉

2. What questions do your friends ask?
“Is this a bad noise?” “Should I get this checked out?” When you answer these, they give you rep and validation as a great mechanic.

3. What interests relate to your business?

Performance modifications? Automotive paint jobs? Local car shows? Your audience is probably interested in these too, find ways to connect them to it or them to you.

These are your post topics, so when you need post ideas or put together a planning calendar, use the below:

4 Keys to Post Authentic Topics

1. Advice: Topics your friends ask advice about
2. View: Why something is interesting/important from your expertise
3. Value: Do people benefit from it or share in your excitement
4. Relate: What other interests relate to your work

For many this may seem that you are helping people not come to use your business but you become the authority for them on that subject. They will come back for more advice.

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