Should my business be using AI?

We made these visuals after watching AI up end the stock image and digital art business, shortcut marketing content, and overtake content creation for social media.

So, what does that mean for your business?

If you create content as a service or create it to support your business you should be considering it. It is a disruptive technology right now but in contrast, the printing press was upsetting to scribes who hand drew everything for books and we are sure the computer was upsetting to graphic artists who honed years of painting and hand tools. AI is not perfect yet but it is starting to speed up a lot of processes, so let’s dive into what they are.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a text generating platform that builds focused text based off user prompts or descriptions. AI learning has learned to mimic existing writing and language styles. These can be used to generate your next press release, report, flyer or social media caption.

AI image generators

Popular platforms such as Dall-e or Midjourney take user prompts to create images. These images are computer generated but AI has modeled these around existing images on the internet to follow existing styles. You can use inputs such as copying artist styles, blending image ideas together, or versions of your portrait applied to different themes. These images can be used as an alternative to stock image art, creating graphic assets, or custom visuals a graphic artist would be paid to produce (We encourage people to at least give it a try to understand how powerful these are).

Now before you go and spend hours learning all the new wonders of these AI platforms, consider a few points:

  1. These platforms cost money after a short trial period, am I okay with additional expenses?
  2. Do I need customized visuals for my content, is my audience/customers okay with visuals that aren’t my photos?
  3. Do I write lengthy articles/content and am I okay if a computer suggested what large parts of that could be?
  4. Am I looking to save time and embrace technology in that process?

If you have answered yes to any of these you may want to start looking if AI could help you in your process.

The final argument for the emergence of AI tools you can use, is authenticity. Is this authentic to my business or am I letting a computer decide what I should say and look like? This is no different than you hiring an employee to do the same things for you. If they wrote your next blog, created a social media post, or illustrated an image for an upcoming event, there would be no question. AI is doing that job for you; it requires your input and final direction.

As you step into this process make sure you have a clear picture for the following:

  1. Brand voice (your topics and style of speech)
  2. Content goal (inform, leads, or promotions)
  3. Brand look (colors, elements, and where it should show up)

If you can maintain these, you will keep the authenticity people have come to love. These platforms have incredible potential for you and the future of business. For example, an employee at Tesla ran the Chat GPT to generate a report of what he should have been doing for the last 2 weeks. It was very direct and strategic to what he should do. He took it one step further and asked it to create code to help him with those tasks and it generated several workable lines directed at his need.

As the tools get better and we use them right, it will just help us move faster and get to the things we want to be doing.

As always, if you still have questions or want creative ideas on how you can implement some of this for your business. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s collaborate how your business can be as original and interesting as you are.

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