The Art of Presentations

Tips on Presenting
We remember our days in the office, having big corporate meetings with lots of people. Now most of our presentations at Mellco are more intimate, but we thought we’d share some key points from our experience with presenting.
Here are some quick and simple tips to get you started:

  • Practice your presentation, clear communication is best when it is rehearsed.
  • Know your audience (check out our last video for more on this!).
  • Think outside the presentation’s box, I.E., don’t ever be afraid to get creative with a presentation. If you can add VR, AR, video or audio files, go for it!
  • Don’t over format: WE love a good point, BUT DO NOT overdo it …
  • Use high quality graphics and images, they communicate that the content itself is also high quality.
  • Utilize data visualization – charts and graphs will go a long way in accurately communicating content.
  • Be interactive, whether it’s including videos and links or asking for input during the presentation.
  • Tell a story, don’t just be spitting facts, take your listeners on a trip through the content.
  • Lastly, summarize. Once you’ve said and done all you can, leave people with a quick overview and clear action steps of what they need to do after the presentation.

Watch the video here!

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