Thinking outside of the box is BS

Do you think people make innovative things because they had the freedom to make whatever they want?

NOPE, people have limitations and criteria all the time (Think budgets and customers)

Your box is your criteria, if you go outside that, anything goes (even squeeze tube meals, gross)

Have you ever heard that someone solved a problem because they had the freedom to do so? We haven’t – It is always a response to a problem, challenge, or complaint.

Embrace your response by reframing your box around it. For instance, if customers complain about how your product or service works, then reframe around ways they want to work with it. Now what new ideas come out from your product or service around those ideas?

If you are still struggling for new creative ideas, then reframe if you took a key element away (A driver’s test without the car), model it around a different industry (Selling cars like a game show), or what would it look like if you added another key feature or service? (A toaster that shows your SM feed as the countdown)

If you want more ideas on how to reframe your box, let us give you some ideas!

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