We are now Mellco Creative! 

Mellco Creative was established in 2019 as Mellco Marketing by Brett and Lynda Mellor as a marketing and design company. Since its establishment, Mellco has expanded into Mellco Creative, a multi-platform, multi-talented creative agency with skills in design, visualization, and marketing. Mellco Creative is known for its top-notch customer service and creative problem-solving capabilities, along with spearheading Augmented and Virtual Realities for their clients.  

We wanted to share how our company does so much more than just marketing. Mellco Creative is a multi-platform, multi-talented team of creatives with skills in design, visualization, and marketing. This includes Display Design, Augmented and Virtual Realties, Social Media Management, Digital Ads, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and so much more! 

“We put creative in our name as a reminder to always stay creative, and creativity is what we want to add to every project for our clients. It’s exciting to see this shift in our company to include all the services we can offer.  We have streamlined our processes and made sure we are working together to help current and future clients achieve their goals.” – Lynda, our chief cook.  

Mellco Creative strives to live up to our mission of Creative PLAY! 

CREATIVE. It is what fuels us and should always be present in every project we do. 

PLAY. A key ingredient to any great work and what we are always working towards. 

PROFIT. Make a profit to continue to be able to innovate and breed new ideas for clients. 

LEARNING. Pushing and sharpening our skills to easily adapt to different industries. 

AWARENESS. Always conscious on impact on business, customer and even environment. 

YIELD. Using our time, talent, and knowledge to give back. 

To learn more, follow us on social media @mellcocreative!  

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