New Site Sighting

In the day of digital kings and queens, a website reigns highest in company communication.  

New customers looking for new digs = website views.  

Someone new to town needs a hot spot to buy stuff = website views. 

 A kid accidentally Googles “dishwashers near me” = website views.  

Digital platforms are the customers first line of assault when looking for places to spend their cash, so we wanted to talk about why they are not only a tool in 2021-2022, but a necessity. 

If you own a storefront, do you leave it dusty, sticky and gross? NO WAY! You clean it, paint it, spray it with air freshener and make it inviting so it will turn heads and encourage people to enter. Why wouldn’t you do that with a website as well? 2020 made the digital kingdom even more of a powerhouse. Online shopping boomed and people adapted to their fully online lives. Websites became even more of the buyer’s first impression of companies, products and services. This means a website is your new door greeter, and what is it saying to customers? Is it clean and easy to use? The average attention span of a website user can be lost in the first three seconds of viewing your site. Just like if a storefront is dirty and smells of wet dog, a bad website can turn away potential new customers.  

Now you are probably asking what a good website needs to have in its arsenal. We did the hard work for you and researched what experts from HubSpot and top web designers are saying today’s sites need!  

  • Easy navigation: how easily and intuitively can new visitors move around the site 
  • Visual design: grabbing your visitors attention and showing you are trustworthy  
  • Engaging and responsive hero images: large images can help visually tell your story without having to rely on just text 
  • Content: the reason your site exists is to accomplish something for visitors, make sure that is clear, engaging and effective 
  • Mobile friendly: believe it or not, people are on their phones, your website needs to be just as strong on mobile as it is on your computer  
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): this is a harder part of websites, but make sure your site has proper tags and alts so it can be shown to anyone who might be looking for it 
  • Branding: don’t change your companies branding to make the website, a good site will match all the other assets your company brand has to show 

Thanks for listening to our little blurb on websites. Be sure to poke around our NEW SITE that matches our new look!  

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