What’s in a name?

Say goodbye to Mellco Marketing and hello to MELLCO CREATIVE. You may be asking “why the name change?” and we get it. Let us explain: we wanted to show how our company does more than just marketing. We are a multi-platform, multi-talented team of creatives with skills in design, visualization, and marketing! 

So what is in a name? Is the name of a company important, or can I just name it what I want to because it’s my company? We would argue that a company name is VERY important! Apple, Google, McDonalds, something pops into your head the moment that you say those names. Whether its tech, problem solving, or hamburgers, a name is the first thing your customer will experience with your company. You may be the face of the company, but the company name is the front man for your operations.

A good name will also summarize what you offer or can accomplish. Mellco Marketing was a strong name demonstrating our ability to totally rock marketing for our clients. But we have grown into so much more than just marketing, we are a full-blown creative team. As we have said, we now offer marketing, design, and visualization! Mellco now manages social media, runs Google ad campaigns, and can create virtual realties of your product so your customers can have firsthand experience before they purchase it! Now with the name Mellco Creative, we summarize those services to our customers at first glance. If you are looking to update your company name to include your growing services or products, let us know. We want to problem solve with you!

Lastly, a good company name will make sure your customers and potential customers remember you. No one wants to be forgotten, especially not if it means losing potential customers. Easy spelling, relevance to your product or service, and something that’s meaningful to you will all go a long way in creating a memorable company name. Stuck in a business rut? Call us today for a free consultation with a member of our creative team!

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